Paras Herbocare comoany is serving since 2000 to the mankind by offering them safe and efficacious ayurvedic medicines and beauty care products. In the quest for excellence Paras Herbocare have always thrived on the ongoing process of research, development and deliverance of products that conform to the age old tradition of herbal medicinal products.

Ayurveda litteraly means science of life, has originated as a part of Vedic science and is the oldest system of medicine in the world. Its dimentions are not limited up to the body but are extended up to the level of mind & soul. At Paras Herbocare this principle is always being kept top- of -mind.

Ayurveda is based on the principle, that all individuals are comprised of five elements, that is: Ether, Fire, Air, Water & Earth, known as Panchmahabhutas. These five elements combine to constitute the body in various distinct and indistinct forms i.e. Doshas(biological component as watta,pitta and kaph), Dhatus(vital components as rasa, rakta, masa, meda, ashti,mazza and shukra)and Malas(waste products is urine, stool, sweat etc) - at Paras Herbocare all the products are processed and developed keeping the basic management of Ayurveda in mind and hence the final products achive the highest standard of efficacy.

The products have the proper balance to ensure the normal functioning and good health of an individual. At Paras Herbocare we believe that every person has a unique combination of complex physiological and psychological attributes,so every person is very different and uniquely important to us.

At Paras Herbocare each product is subjected to stringent quality control tests in state-of-art laboratories to deliver the optimal standard of effectivity.