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  We offer following services
  • Health and Wellness Evaluation

  • Monitor - Body Fat, Metabolic Rate and BMI

  • Suggest alterations in lifestyle/eating habbits

  • Track or support in maintaining healthy body

Monitor / Check  - Body Weight,  Body Fat%,  BMR
    We have facilities for monitoring:
  • Body Weight

  • Body Fat%

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Suggestion of Ideal Weight

  • Check the lean mess
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Reduce Weight by Herbal Medicine
With Paras Ayurvedic Slimming Centre treatment you would never have to go on a diet and we do not prescribe any special or heavy exercise.
The treatment does not have any side effects as it is fully natural.
Your body fat depends on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). A slow BMR can cause a large deposit of fat at various body parts such as thighs, abdomen and hips. Our unique herbal capsules increase your BMR which helps you burn fat naturally without special diet or exercise.

How does our treatment work?
You would be consulting with our experienced Ayurvedic Doctors, by making a visit or calling our centre. You would typically be given several metabolic tests. The results are evaluated by our experts to provide a treatment which are best suited for your individual needs. You would be given our herbal medicine in the form of capsules and pills which increases your BMR. The duration of the treatment depends on your current BMR and desired weight loss. While a centre visit is recommended, for certain cases a telephonic consultation may be sufficient. Please call our centre to determine if you need a centre visit.
+91 9312304600

About Us
Paras Ayurvedic Slimming Centre is in weight loss treatment since 1994 with thousands of satisfied customers.
Paras Ayurvedic Slimming Centre offers safe and efficacious ayurvedic medicines. In the quest for excellence Paras Ayurvedic Slimming Centre have always thrived on the ongoing process of research, development and deliverance of medicine that conform to the age old tradition of herbal medicinal products.
Our medicines have the proper balance to ensure the normal functioning and good health of an individual. At Paras Ayurvedic Slimming centre we believe that every person has a unique combination of complex physiological and psychological attributes, so every person is very different and uniquely important to us.
Our medicines are subjected to stringent quality control tests in state-of-art laboratories to deliver the optimal standard effectively.

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