In these days of commercialisation genuine products are rarely available.Paras Herbocare is a Registered Company offering patented products. we get our raw material from the best himalyan source which ensure the purity and freshness. The market of these products is the best testimony of their efficacy.

Till date Paras Herbocare has solved 6,000 cases in height gain and 4,5000 cases in Slimming Therapy.

Paras Herbocare has taken a Scientific apporach to uderstand the knowledge of ancient rishies and through continous R&D has demystified Ayurveda.

It has successfully introduced 30 products in patent category handling wide range of diseases such as diabeties ,arthritis, hypertension,obesity etc. Apart from this it has number of single herb capsules used in various diseases . Every day about 200 patients are treated in the Ayurvedic Centre Of Paras Herbocare Multi Speciality Centres.

Paras herbocare as a company has scientific method to Ayurveda where in each formulation is labbled by testimony and concrerte proof.Further various doctors associated with the company are not just practioners but highly accomplished scholars and researchers. Paras Herbocare will take into account desh kaal and pravriti(Time place and unique contribution of patients) in its treatment.